Golian Consultants have played a key role in bringing more than 15,000 skilled workers, families, businesses and students to New Zealand successfully. Here’s how we can help:

Business Migration

We help you identify a valid business proposal that may be acceptable for consideration under the INZ Policy. We also assist in optimizing minimum points required to meet the INZ Policy requirements.

Student Migration

You can apply for a Visa to study full time with an approved education provider in New Zealand. We can assist our clients right from identifying a suitable course to enrollment and visa processing.

Skilled Migration

We will check whether your skilled work experience is acceptable under the INZ policy guidelines and you are suitably qualified to be granted points, with alternative options to maximise points under skilled migration.

Family Migration

We assist you with temporary and residence visas under the Partnership and Parent categories. Tell us what your future plans are and we guide you as per INZ requirements and their latest policies.

Special Catrgory Visas

Many work visas offer a pathway to residence in New Zealand. They comprise of various subcategories. Please contact us to assess your eligibility under a specific category.

Immigration Appeals

Resident Visa appeals to the immigration Protection Tribunal on Humanitarian grounds is available to onshore applicants only. Ministerial intervention may be sought for cases where there are exceptionally special circumstances.

Other temporary visa applications

Work Visas

Under the Essential Skills Category:

Overseas candidates who have offer of employment from New Zealand employer can directly apply for a Work Visa under the Essential Skills Category.

The offer of employment should be genuine, stable and full time for the duration of employment period. The employer needs to establish that they have made genuine efforts to recruit the local New Zealanders.

The applicants in New Zealand can apply for a Work Visa under this category. The length of the Visa will be based on the skill level of the occupation.

Immigration will grant a three years visa if the occupation of the applicant is mid skilled. CONTACT US for more information.