Who we are

Golian Consultants is one of the leading immigration Consulting companies in New Zealand, based in Auckland. Our Team has ethical and high level of skill and knowledge in relation to New Zealand Immigration with a thorough understanding of Immigration laws, regulations and policies. The company has been providing Immigration advices for over 30 years in NZ

What we do

We provide detailed, strategic, legal advice to all our clients in regard to Immigration. All information provided to us will be considered and treated with absolute confidentiality in order to provide options and solutions catered to your personal immigration needs.

Why New Zealand?

People from all over the world are fascinated by the quality of life, the beauty and distinctive cultural diversity of New Zealand

Our company

Golian Consultants Ltd is a registered company in New Zealand. The founder of the Company, Mr. Harjeet Golian, formerly practising lawyer, and now an Immigration Adviser, has assisted over 15,000 migrants to settle in New Zealand since 1988.

Some of the migrants are now highly successful businessman or professional in their respective fields.

The Company has well qualified staff with extensive experience in Immigration laws and policies. It has always maintained high ethical standards. We at, Golian Consultants Limited, value our clients and ensure to offer the best possible Immigration advise to their immigration needs. We speak various ethnic languages to understand our client needs and to ensure we provide the most efficient service.

Our Principal

MR HARJEET S GOLIAN is a Senior Immigration Advisor and Director of Golian Consultants Ltd. He was born in Fiji, where he gained his Primary and Secondary Education. He is a Law graduate from Otago University in New Zealand, a graduate of Business Administration from Tasmania University in Australia and also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from India.

Legal Career

Mr Golian began his legal career in Auckland, New Zealand as a Solicitor and then began working as a Barrister and Immigration consultant. He has been practising Immigration Law since 1988. He currently practices as a Licensed Immigration Advisor.

Director of Golian

As a Director of Golian Consultants Mr Golian has successfully assisted over 20,000 Migrants in various categories to settle in NZ.

An advisor

As an advisor Mr Golian has accrued a unique culture to the company along with his friendly and approachable nature. He is a Rotarian and has been a member for over 17 years, actively involved in various community projects. He is also a Trustee/former chairperson of Education First Trust (NZ), a charitable organisation assisting the poorest of the poor children, in Education.