Student Visas – Let Us Assist You

You can apply for a Visa to study full time with an approved education provider in New Zealand. We can assist our clients in providing the following services:

  • Identifying courses that an applicant may be eligible for admission.
  • Course requirements to pursue a relevant course (e.g. English language requirements and minimum entry level requirements).
  • Enrolment with Approved Education Provider which are acceptable by Immigration New Zealand.
  • Visa requirements to lodge a Student Visa Application.

Student Migration Application

The new immigration policy allows students with a three years Post Study Open Work Visa who complete Post Graduation Diplomas of ONE year duration only.

Students completing Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in any stream are also eligible for THREE years post study Open Work Visa.

Students pursuing a Master’s Degree (Level 9), or Undergraduate Degree (Level 7), or Postgraduate Degree (Level 8), and Long-Term Shortage Skill qualifications can accompany his/her spouse on a Work Visa and dependent children will pay a domestic student fee.

Download, fill and submit via email the following form for a preliminary assessment and for us to get a better idea of how we can assist you with student migration in New Zealand.